Canned Skunk
6" Canned Skunk
6" Canned Skunk

6" Canned Skunk

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Include a custom message INSIDE your Canned Critter!<br/><br/>Add a "Happy Birthday", "I love you", or any other custom message!<br/><br/>The card will appear inside the can, on top of the critter.
Include your photograph or artwork INSIDE the can!<br/><br/>Photograph will be cropped to a 2.25" circle to fit inside the can

A Cuddly 6" Skunk in a can (that doesn't smell)!

An adorable skunk just for you! Choose from a regular or pop top lid.

Include a photograph or personal message card!

Pop top are "double safety seal", which means they are safe to the touch when you open them.

Fun and educational!