About Us

Our Story

We are passionate in spreading the word about the magnificence and preciousness of our wildlife neighbors.

The Canned Critters were first introduced to the consumer market over 25 years ago. The product is simple, fun, unique and most importantly educational. The Canned Critters are manufactured and canned by Northern Gifts, located in Blaine Washington and Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Since the first Canned Critter was opened over 25 years ago we have produced over 10 million Canned Critters, helping to spread the word about the magnificence and preciousness of our wildlife neighbors, one can at a time.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help educate the world’s youth about the splendor and preciousness of our wildlife neighbors with the hope that as the youth mature into young adults they have an inherent respect and appreciation for our wild wonders.

Our Partners

Wild Tails Tours
Wild Tales specializes in wildlife adventure tours and offers budget to luxury style travel packages with once in a lifetime experiences. Enjoy ultimate animal encounters and adventures in the best wildlife destinations in the world. Discover your wild side with a Wild Tales tour!

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